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To create a society where informed and transparent policy decisions over gold trends/rates are advised which would help people to make wise decisions with resourceful data over purchase and sale rates for gold & silver without being deceived.


Building network through social integration and community upliftment tasks to help the public in various fields such as Education, Medical emergency, fund raising for community union; all of which paves the way to an improved future.


Vision is to be an exceptionally transformed online marketplace and reconstruct the traditional unorganized space into an organized environment by modernizing the approach to business practice.

Prithviraj Kothari | RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd | RSBL


The age of digitization has enhanced business services with the changing patterns and adapting technological innovations has become the need of the hour. “Connect, share ideas, build business, grow yourself and strengthen the society,” is the mantra I have epitomized ever since I became an integral part of the family venture over 2 decades ago and yet drive the company on these principles.

Recent News

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    Gold should be brought strategically

    The market opinion for gold has always been lukewarm as oppose to the other assets in its class- equity, debt, real estate etc. Gold tends to give off better returns only during times of uncertainty when the risk factor in the other assets is very high. Gold enjoys the trust of investors during the risk-off

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    Gold looking for guidance

    Gold looking for guidance from Central bank policy meeting amid 50 Days left for US elections Summary Text Gold has taken up a holding position in the $1900s after setting a mark just above $2000 an ounce in August, and this week’s Federal Reserve meeting will continue to affect the next step of the haven.

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    Why does Silver Outperforms Gold in Bull Market

    Silver prices have underperformed gold for most of the time since 2011. In the third week of July 2020 silver prices broke out of the $14 to $20 price range in which they have been caged for the most part since the second half of 2014. After breaking out of this long held range, silver

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Honors & Awards

Images showcased below are the various honors and trophies given to Prithviraj Kothari for his outstanding reformations that have lead to tremendous innovations in the gold industry.

  • IIGC Excellence Award
  • Best Gold Seller in India 2017 2018
  • Darshan Sagar Samaj Ratna award on 9th Sep 2017
  • BFGC Awards – 2018
  • Bullion Federation Global Convention 2017
  • Jain Samaj Ratna Samman Award
  • Prithviraj Kothari JITO | Prithviraj Kothari Wiki | Prithviraj Kothari News | JITO
    Jain Ratna Award by Honourable President of India, Smt. Pratibhadevi Patil
  • India International Gold Conventional 2016