Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced

As the revolutionary Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs has rightly described “Momento Mori” showcasing powerful message on modesty and utmost transparency, Shri Prithviraj Kothari courteously dares to live up to this remarkable being who has exceptionally lead to the formation of the Bullion world. From reconstructing a conventional business of moneylending into the top 10 trading terminals, Shri Prithviraj Kothari stands true to the ultimate sense of “Simple Living and High Thinking”

It has been rightly said that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and one such obstacle has helped achieve overall prosperity.

Initially, the traders and jewelers community were very close-knit group and were secretive about conducting their business. The bullion trade was then set up with an objective of bringing transparency and quick dissemination of price information. For this purpose, the first step was a tie up with a Singapore-based company to impart international online bullion prices way back in the 1990s at the cost requested which subsequently brought vibrancy in the market and many benefitted from the increased market size and liquidity.

Subsequently, during the early 2002-03, an approach to the Forward Markets Commission allowed to pertained and introduce hedging instruments of futures and options on precious metals on the commodity exchange.

Gradually a road map was prepared which included the installation of commodity derivatives in bullion and this became the most comprehensive and satisfying experience to be a part of an evolution which is novel yet pioneering.