China On A Gold Buying Spree

All over the world, economies are improving and stimulus measure is helping to get things back on the growth track. But all this is not as easy as it seems. The main reason behind this recovery is fiscal stimulus. Any dort of stimulus brings along certain pressures – concerned balance site and budget deficit. This further leads to inflation, in fact, currently, we are expecting the nation to create pressure on the U.S. dollar which will further release bullish sentiments for the precious metal.

Although gold prices have struggled in the last seven months, the precious metal still plays an important role in a portfolio. Gold remains to be an attractive safe-haven asset as real interest rates remain near historically low levels.

The precious metal was seen heading to its second consecutive week of gains after a positive start to Q2 amid a weaker U.S. dollar and retreating U.S. 10-year Treasury yield.

It would be sensible for investors to take some defensives positions in their portfolio because of current valuations. The U.S. economy is expected to see strong economic growth this year, says the bullion king of India. So, fundamentally, equity markets have room to go higher and hence there should be a balanced portfolio allocation.

The growth that we are seeing in equities is being supported by stimulus, earnings and by the recovery of global economies. But this growth won’t come alone, it will definitely bring some volatility along with it. But this volatile situation would be a great opportunity to park investment into portfolio risk hedges like commodities. Some players like Prithviraj Kothari from RSBL believe that it is just the right time to jump into the market and make the most of this opportunity.

While talking about portfolio allocation, there is this huge superpower that aims to pile up reserves to the best possible strength. China has cleared the way for a massive surge of gold imports into the country. An exclusive report from Reuters suggested about 150 tonnes of gold (worth $8.5 billion at current prices) is likely to be shipped into China following the green light from Beijing. This information was revealed by four different sources that China has permitted domestic and international banks to import large amounts of gold into the country.

China is in the race to build up its reserves. In fact, analysts say that tonnes of gold in China still stands unreported. Of the official numbers, it is believed that in 2019, China’s gold imports ran at about $3.5 billion a month, or roughly 75 tonnes.

The report quoting two people said the gold would be shipped in April and the other two said it would arrive over April and May. China brings in the bulk of its gold from South Africa, Switzerland, and Australia. China has, on average, imported gold worth about $600 million a month, or roughly 10 tonnes. The move, cited by the news agency, is “potentially helping to support global gold prices after months of declines.”

China is the world’s biggest gold consumer, gobbling up hundreds of tonnes of the precious metal worth tens of billions of dollars each year, but its imports plunged as the coronavirus spread and local demand dried up. The main reason behind this purchase is to revive the dampened gold market, says the bullion king, Prithviraj Kothari.

A fair recovery in gold demand this year will require a generally much higher level of gold import. Next week also marks the Federal Reserve media blackout period ahead of its monetary policy announcement on April 28. ING said that no additional Fed speakers could mean a weaker U.S. dollar, which is beneficial for gold. A quieter week for U.S. data and the Fed in the blackout period could favour a continuation of benign market trends and a slightly weaker US and stronger yellow metal. On one hand, we have gradual growth, speedy jab drives and on the other hand, we see a second Covid wave engulfing the world.

Too much happening globally. In this current environment, with so many unknown factors impacting investment strategies, the bullion king of India, Prithviraj Kothari advises the investors to remain actively involved with their portfolios and remain calm and balanced.

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