Gold Loses Shine But Later Gains Lustre

Gold was seen gearing up for another leg to the upside, as the bulls extended the recovery from three-week troughs of $1677.

Bullion has clawed back some ground after dropping last week to near the lowest level since June, with recent movements largely being dictated by the direction of bond yields

The weakness in the US dollar and Treasury yields continued to lend support. However; traders believe that the improved market mood on the economic optimism plays could likely play a spoilsport.

Gold steadied as investors like Prithviraj Kothari, the bullion king of India, weighed signs of an economic rebound amid better-than-expected U.S. jobs data against the implications of President Joe Biden’s spending plans.

U.S. employers added the most jobs in seven months with improvement across most industries in March, as more vaccinations and fewer business restrictions supercharged the labour market recovery.

The U.S. economy created the most jobs in seven months in March as more Americans got vaccinated and the government doled out additional pandemic relief money.

  • Nonfarm payrolls increased by 916,000 last month
  • February employment was revised up to a 468,000

Following these data numbers, Gold witnessed its first quarterly drop since 2018. A growing economic recovery and rising bond yields created bearish sentiments for the yellow metal.

We’ve already seen a $1.9 trillion helicopter money drop this year, and the Biden administration appears just to be getting started.

The latest reading of the government’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) continues to suggest that inflation so far remains low. Even if we do experience high inflation, government officials continue to assure, it will be transitory. Despite these weak guarantees, the financial establishment is starting to sound the alarm.

U.S. President Joe Biden's announcement of a long-awaited $2 trillion-plus job plan last week has raised some concerns over inflation.

The ongoing threat of inflation – and actual inflation – will result in more buying of gold, silver, and other hard assets. Especially since Fed Chief Jerome Powell has said that the central bank would be happy to allow inflation to persist for a while before taking any action.

This means that the central bankers will not hike interest rates or pull back bond purchases to slow things down. And when government-reported inflation rises well above 2%, while interest rates remain at lower levels, the resulting negative real interest rates will support gold prices.
This inflationary scare comes at a time when the government is allowing running free massive stimulus measures to bail out states, businesses, and consumers – all in the name of combating the pandemic.
During these times, some investors view gold as a hedge against inflation and hence the drop was not much lived.

Gold once again gained momentum as this week opened, over the following reasons –

Yields- The benchmark 10-year US Treasury yields have slid below 1.7% after rising to the highest level seen in 14 months over the past few sessions. This has also turned the dollar bearish, sending it to an almost two week low against most of its major rivals. While lower bond yields decrease the opportunity cost of bullion and make it more appealing as an investment, a weaker dollar drives up purchases of gold by holders of other currencies, helping push up its demand as a result.

Corporate taxes- The yellow metal is also trading bullish on the rising prospects for higher corporate taxes in the US after President Biden stood by this proposal as a way to pay for the recently announced $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Additionally, the precious metal’s safe-haven appeal also enjoyed support from recent comments from Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester on the central bank’s plans to remain dovish to boost economic growth further.

Meanwhile, traders are also watching the progress of debate over Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal, as Republicans expressed guarded support for a more limited plan. Any progress in these talks will directly affect gold. Whether on the upside or downside- we need to wait and watch!

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